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MPOS is a POS system created by retailers for retailers that is aimed at helping you increase your profits by 3% using our proven methodology coupled with our unique software technologies. With integration of payment services, and the supplier data links that help you connect with major wholesalers, MPOS creates efficiency in stock management and automates your daily workflows.


At Foodel, we have a unique proposition for you; you serve more customers directly and provide them with a seamless customer experience, all at a minimal spend. Unlike traditional third-party delivery services, we empower food businesses to become independent and keep more of the profits for themselves. With Foodel, you become a stakeholder of a powerful ecosystem that allows you to take more control of your business and grow.


OneEPOS is a flexible POS solution for small and medium-sized businesses, whether they are part of the Hospitality, Retail, Clothing or Restaurant industry. Our user-friendly interface allows all stores to customize the system according to their needs, generate reports that help businesses understand sales and revenue, and to install and integrate the system at multiple sites.

Bespoke Software Development (Delcibo)

At Delcibo, we help food businesses by providing them custom software solutions that help manage orders, record transactions, keep a check on inventories, and manage finances. We have been in the business for 40 years and understand all pain points that all businesses have identified, and we are here to provide solutions for each one of them.

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