Raise your profits by 3% with our Convenience Store POS

The POS that
delivers results

MPOS is a convenience store POS system built for retailers by retailers. With over 40 years of industry experience, we understand the world of retail business, and all our experience and industry feedback have gone into creating a full-service POS system that resolves all issues. We know your pain and provide a solution for it.

With over 800 clients across the U.K., MPOS makes sure that its customers enjoy more flexibility, greater automation, and advanced store controls to ensure seamless operations and up to 3% extra profits.

At MPOS, we understand the importance of flexibility, automation, and advanced controls to ensure seamless operations and increased profits. Our convenience store POS solution offers:

Weekly store health checks

Better inventory management with advanced stock control features

Automatic purchase order creation

Improved decision-making with sales and customer reports

Datalinks with major wholesalers

With datalinks connecting your convenience store with all major wholesalers, you can download all your invoices, browse wholesalers product files and download fascia group promotions at the click of a button. You get linked with Spar, Nisa, United, Day-Today, Shopsmart, Londis, Costcutter, Premier, Best-One, Batleys, Menzies and more, when you switch to MPOS.

Our system also allows for better invoice processing using datalinks with all major wholesalers, reduced shoplifting and theft with improved inventory management, and a U.K.-based support team to ensure the best customer experience.


Access updated product information

Maintain transparent spend

Get updated inventory cost estimates

U.K.-based Technical Support

Our technical support team is always available to support you with hardware and software issues. Our representatives work in shifts that overlap with your working hours to resolve your issues in a flash.

U.K.-based support team

Overlapping work hours

Familiar with tech & business processes

Our system is also compatible with the Making Tax Digital regime, which means you can easily file your taxes without any hassle, that too digitally and accurately.


Contact us today to learn more about our system and how it can benefit your business.