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About MPOS

MPOS is a POS system created by retailers for retailers that is aimed at helping you increase your profits by 3% using our proven methodology coupled with our unique software technologies. With integration of payment services, and the supplier data links that help you connect with major wholesalers, MPOS creates efficiency in stock management and automates your daily workflows.


Become a tech-savvy store to save money and improve efficiency in operations.

Use the MPOS system to monitor KPIs and streamline purchase orders to manage stock better.

Follow proven routines to upkeep your system and earn the extra profit.



Fahim Baqir Supersave, Cambuslang

"Running the shop used to be stressful until I installed MPOS. The shop is now automated and causing me alot less hassle! This leaves me to concentrate on my Charity work without worrying about the shop."


"Switching to MPOS was the easiest thing I did. My system was preloaded with my stock file with everything at my prices so as soon as we switched everything was scanning at the right price! I particularly enjoy SuperPLOF"

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