New log in screen – giving you faster turnaround at the cash counter with your customers and a more easily understandable presentation of the information.

  • Till new look and feel – up front where it maters we’ve improved the presentation on screen now it’s easier on the eye with more intuitive colours plus faster operations.
  • Faster Till Synchronisation – we’ve cut down massively on the time it takes for the information to reach the till from the computing back office database.
  • Londis Link – now promotions, stock monitoring and ordering with Londis are seamless operations with our new link.

Shopsmart Link

  • Costcutter link changed for Nisa ordering – when the market changes we respond too, making your store operations smoother and easier.
  • New improved Spar Link – we’ve refined it for smoother operation and performance with this major convenience store brand.
  • Super PLOF/Database in the cloud – this saves you a lot of work. New products are identified instantly and if one of our clients introduces something new our system automatically makes it available to everyone everywhere on the Mpos network.
  • Delete Products/PLUS – Ability to delete products through Stock Manager > Batch Amendment. Now you can delete products totally - your database will be faster and more efficient
  • Delete products not sold since a certain date - now we’ve automated this process for you. If a product is inactive since a date specified by you, our system will delete it from your database.
  • Improved Supplier Promotions Downloads - we’ve simplified how you do this, making it faster and much less complicated for you.
  • Discounts on certain departments added – – we’ve widened the range of departments where you can price adjust items in your store.
  • News in – John Menzies delivery note downloads – You can download invoices and keep an accurate track of the costs in your system.
  • ReorderWorld Pay Integration – we’ve partnered with another internationally renowned merchant service provider to give you seamless integration
  • level manager - you can now let your system calculate your average reorder level and set it automatically for future ordering.
  • Profit checker – allows you to check in greater detail on the success of your store, where you’re making the money.
  • Spar/Nisa PLOF browsers - lets you compare your prices with these two major supplier prices and see what you’re achieving.
  • Weight Scale Link added – giving you great control on fresh products.
  • Order weighting fixed – ability to alter quantities and the emphasis of your orders in response to changes in day to day circumstances so can respond fast

United Ordering – resolve issues automatically - if items are not in stock at the time of ordering this now allows you to continue with your order and orders them separately when they show in stock on the suppliers system.